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final 3d

30/11/10 - Added more work
I've been working on my sculpting skills by beefing up old models with detail in ZBrush. I recently did some work on the old Barbarian model I created in my final year of the animation program.

You can check out the Barbarian page for the updates!


22/11/10 - Tribute to Diablo
The London DIG Conference was great and definately had a much better turnout than last year. I was able to get alot of positive feedback from representatives of a few big names in the industry and I left the event feeling a slight confidence boost haha.

After being inspired to work on some new stuff and with a few tips on what I need to work on, I decided to do a quick little tribute to the Diablo character select screen using my own characters. Please check it out here --> Character Select Screen! I'm still working on getting a decent guestbook for my page, and it will hopefully be up soon!


15/11/10 - New Updates - DIG Conference!
I've added some new work-in-progress shots from some current projects I've been working on along with some new screenshots for the Barbarian... Please check em out!

This coming thursday I will be attending the London Digital Interactive Gaming Conference. DIG is a new annually held conference for any video game or related studio to showcase their work while also having the opportunity to recruit new talent. I attended last year's conference and was very impressed by the event itself and leaving with insider knowledge from the industry.


31/10/10 - Happy Halloween!
So most of the website has been completed and there are still a few things that need to be tweaked but for the most part it's finished. If anyone has any problems viewing it in their browser or any comments please let me know in the contact section. I hope you enjoy my work! Thanks!


27/10/10 - Shiny new look!
Welcome to my online portfolio! As you can see I've just revamped the website along with a new domain. I hope you find this site easier to navigate and use. There are still a few things that are under construction but will be accessible in the near future. Please have a look and feel free to leave me a comment!

Thank you!